Montgomery College 2020-2021 Catalog 
    Jan 25, 2021  
Montgomery College 2020-2021 Catalog
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PSYC 216 - Adolescent Psychology

The interaction of physical, intellectual, emotional, and environmental forces as they influence the psychological functioning of the adolescent. Theories and research findings as they relate to adolescent adjustment. PREREQUISITE(S): A grade of C or better in PSYC 102 , or consent of department. Three hours each week. Formerly PY 216.

3 semester hours

Course Outcomes:
Upon course completion, a student will be able to:

  • Define and discuss basic methods of studying development in general and adolescence in particular.
  • Define and discuss basic issues of nature vs. nurture argument related to adolescent development, contribution of culture to the adolescent period, maturational theories and stage notions of development.
  • Define and discuss issues relating to pubertal changes, including timing, gender, physiological changes and adjustment issues.
  • Define and discuss Paiget’s theory of cognitive development, and how his formal operational stage explains many issues in adolescence, including egocentrism, the imaginary audience, the personal fable, difficulty with decisions, adolescent idealism, etc.
  • Describe and discuss basic issues of emotional development during adolescence, including hyper-emotionality, hormonal influences, environmental influences etc.
  • Describe and discuss basic issues of adolescent psychopathology including schizophrenia, depression, school refusal, academic underachievement, eating disorders, suicidality, etc.
  • Describe and discuss issues of moral development in adolescence from standpoint of Paiget and Kohlberg.

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