Montgomery College 2024-2025 Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
Montgomery College 2024-2025 Catalog
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FILM 220 - Basic Movie Production

(R and TP/SS only)

The theory and practice of single video camera filmmaking, including script preparation, shooting, and editing. The student will produce several short video projects that tell stories that are artistic and with cultural relevance. PREREQUISITE(S): FILM 110  and TVRA 120 , or consent of instructor. Two hours lecture, three hours laboratory each week.

3 semester hours

Course Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to:

  • Prepare a step outline, a reading script, a shooting script, and/or storyboards to shoot a short film and/or web video.
  • Operate industry standard camera and sound equipment to record visual image and sound, and to apply the basics of camera technique and sound recording.
  • Use the basics of actor movement and line reading to tell a story.
  • Outline the basics of picture and sound editing and use these techniques in edited film projects.
  • Articulate basic legal/ethical considerations for filmmaking.

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