Montgomery College 2024-2025 Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
Montgomery College 2024-2025 Catalog
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MATH 182 - Calculus II


A continuation of MATH 181 . Further differentiation and integration of transcendental functions. Methods of integration with applications, indeterminate forms, improper integrals, Taylor’s formula; infinite series; polar coordinates. PREREQUISITE(S): A grade of C or better in MATH 181  or equivalent, or consent of department. For computation of tuition, this course is equivalent to five semester hours. Five hours each week.

4 semester hours

Course Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to:

  • Evaluate integrals by using the appropriate techniques.
  • Approximate definite integrals by using appropriate numerical techniques.
  • Find limits involving indeterminate forms.
  • Evaluate improper integrals.
  • Set up, evaluate, and interpret integrals that represent arc length, area, volume, and average value.
  • Set up, evaluate, and interpret integrals that model applications in physics.
  • Solve selected differential equations using graphical, numerical, and analytic methods.
  • Model applications such as population growth with differential equations.
  • Determine the convergence or divergence of sequences and series.
  • Represent functions with power series and approximate functions with Taylor polynomials.
  • Graph polar equations.
  • Use integration to find the area of a polar region.
  • Use technology as an appropriate tool.

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