Montgomery College 2017-2018 Catalog 
    Apr 13, 2024  
Montgomery College 2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Program

Number of Credits Required
Foundation AA/AAT AAS AFA AS
  • English
3 3 3 3
  • Mathematics
3 3 3 3
Distribution AA/AAT AAS AFA AS
  • Arts
3 0 3 3
  • Humanities
3 0
NOTE: Students need to take one 3 -credit Arts or Humanities Gen Ed course
3 3
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences
6* 3 3 6*
  • Natural Sciences
7** 4** 3 8**
Institutional Requirement (GEIR) A.A./A.A.T. A.A.S. A.F.A. A.S.

Two GEIR courses required.  Students select one course from two of the following categories:

  • Any COMM general education course
  • Any HLTH general education course ‡
  • Any ARTD or HUMD general education course
6 0 0 0
General Education Elective (GEEL)*** A.A./A.A.T. A.A.S. A.F.A. A.S.
  • Choose additional general education courses from any category
0 4-6 3 3
Total Credits 31-33 20-22 21 29-31

In all A.A. and A.S curricula, students are required to select at least one course with a global and cultural perspectives designation.

* Behavioral and Social Science Distribution (BSSD) courses must come from different disciplines.

** At least one lab science course must be taken to fulfill the natural sciences requirement.

*** Major programs may recommend or require specific General Education electives for their respective degree requirements. In the A.S. degrees, students must have 8 credits of natural sciences through a combination of NSLD, NSND, and GEEL, with at least 1 course as a lab science.

‡ Find HLTH in BSSD and GEIR sections.

‡‡ MATH 130 is required for the associate of arts in teaching (A.A.T.). Many transfer institutions will not accept MATH 130 as a general education math course if an A.A.T. is not completed.

[M] Courses designated with an M after the name fulfill the General Education global and cultural perspectives requirement.

Foundation & Distribution Courses

Arts Distribution (ARTD/GEIR)

Humanities Distribution (HUMD/GEIR)

Behavorial & Social Sciences Distribution (BSSD)

Natural Sciences Distribution with Lab (NSLD)